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JUNE CLIENT HIGHLIGHT // Rachel -- a newbie to running who enjoys reading, Oregon wines, time with friends and is such a delight to be around!

Why do you Recharge?
I am doing the Monkey Face Half Marathon in August and I know that I need to be much stronger to be ready for that race. After experiencing Kimber’s strength training classes in the Run Hub spring training program, I feel like the classes at Recharge are the right fit for me. I have fun, look forward to them, and they actually fit into my work schedule!

Favorite Recharge recovery treatment and why? 
I’d have to say the Normatec boots, though the sauna is a close second. The boots really make a difference right after a race.

Guilty pleasure? 
Watching Dancing with the Stars.

Hidden talent? 
I majored in percussion performance in college and play a little bit of bassoon.

What fills the other 23 hours of your day?
Besides working, eating (one of my favorite things to do), and sleeping, you’ll find me running, watching TV, or reading.

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